About Us

The ANTAIOS TECHNICAL CONTSTRUCTIONS S. A.  is situated in Aigio of Municipality of Aigialia and was founded in 2002.

The company is activated in the study and construction of civil and public building and technical works and it was created as a continuation of the shareholders’ activity itself.

The Headquarters of the company are fully equipped and are accommodated in a newly- built edifice, which belongs to the shareholders of the company, in Aigio of Municipality of Aigialia. At the same time, they also have a building as a professional warehouse for their equipment, whose area is 510sq. m., located in Riakia of Eliki in Municipality of Aigialia.

The shareholders of the company are:

  • Nikolaos Pan. Fragos (Civil Engineer – National Technical University of Athens 1985), President of Board of Directors
  • Anneta Mic. Siaveli (Civil Engineer – National Technical University of Athens 1996), Chief Executive Officer
  • Dimitrios Mic. Siavelis (Civil Engineer – National Technical University of Athens 1997, MSc USC L.A. USA)

In total, ten (10) engineers and other associates of various specializations (e.g. accountants, secretariat, foremen etc.) are activated in the company apart from labor and technical personnel. The executives’ scientific training and professional experience are able to guarantee the top quality services that our company provides.

The degree of contract work of 4th Class Civil Works of the company (reg. No for contract work businesses 18921) covers all the standard categories of works (building, road construction, plumbing, electromechanical works etc.) and it is the degree with the greatest capabilities in the area of Aigialia.

This means that the company has the capability to take over self-contained projects in a budget of 7.500.000,00€ per category individually (building, road construction, plumbing, electromechanical works etc.) or/and 11.250.000,00€ per category with participation in a conglomerate.

The company, from the establishment till today, keeps developing at a stable and certain pace, always relying on the detailed scheme of its targets and their materialization with its own assets. All the financial uses from the foundation of the company, are profitable and there is a rise in the elements of the assets.

With business concentration, observation of all the evolutions in technology and materials and constant training, the ANTAIOS TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTIONS S.A. gains acclaim in the technical field of the country.

The company has succeeded in having continuous activity so that it can keep all the working positions intact.

In addition, it should be pointed out that the company has expertise in studies and projects of repairs and enhancements of the supporting framework of the constructions with owned equipment and trained staff. A field that comprises an important part of the company’s turnover.

The company participates actively in all the technical project competitions that interest it across the state, while collaborations with other technical companies are aimed and the local markets are supported with the suppliers and subcontractors.